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In masonry, every detail counts and the team at Derek Leider Masonry is committed to making every project a success by addressing each possible issue. When you hire us, you're getting the kind of unparalleled masonry quality with high standards that leads to a job done well.

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Proudly delivering masonry solutions that improve your property.

Completely locally owned and operated, Derek Leider Masonry is your choice for exquisite masonry that's designed to be just as functional as it is beautiful. Driven by the pursuit of top level quality, our masonry work is known throughout the area.

More than just Derek Leider Masonry, we also understand the value of delivering a superior client experience. Treating our customers as neighbors is part of the Derek Leider Masonry difference and you'll quickly see why we're the preferred option in the greater Boston area.

For brick, stone, masonry or concrete work that will never fail to impress and inspire, call Derek Leider Masonry at 801-656-7656.

Our Services

A Complete Masonry Service

From brick to parging and waterproofing to stonework, Derek Leider Masonry is a comprehensive masonry service provider. Check out the links to the below to learn more about what we do.

There's a reason why brick is a common building material choice in the Greater Boston area - its combination of fire resistance, soundproofing, and classic style checks off all the boxes. At Derek Leider Masonry, we're well aware of the many advantages of brick construction and every member of our team is a true master of working with bricks.

In addition to brick construction, our masons also know how to treat aging bricks to bring them back to their former appearance. Our brick cleaning and sealing are the perfect way to spruce up an old property whose bricks have seen better days. Derek Leider Masonry is also capable of excellent brick repair services to replace crumbling mortar or other common issues.

At the first sign of brick problems, it's important to start working on a remedy. Derek Leider Masonry is available to come to your greater Boston property to evaluate the current state of the bricks and advise which of our repair, replacement, or refinishing services would be the best fit. Initial consultations are completely free and have no obligation of further work.

When you want brickwork of the highest quality, there's really only one name to call in the Greater Boston area - Derek Leider Masonry. Call us today at 801-656-7656.

Whether you're using natural or artificial stone for your Greater Boston construction, you'll be glad to know that Derek Leider Masonry is a fully local solution with a long history of immaculate stonework. From chimneys to walkways to full home constructions and all points in between, our stone specialists are able to complete work of all types with complete client satisfaction.

It's true that stone is often more expensive than other building materials, but the trade off is a natural looking finish that no other material can rival. At Derek Leider Masonry, we work hard to keep your costs low by sourcing stone from many different distributors and providing more than reasonable costs for our stonework labor.

With many of our Greater Boston clients that prefer stone, we've built long-term relationships that have seen multiple completed jobs over a number of years. Because we want to be part of your property's evolution, you can count on our quality to never be second-rate. Composed of a stonework team with combined decades of experience, Derek Leider Masonry is clearly the local leader when it comes to stone construction and repair.

For stonework that's unique, attractive, and flawlessly executed, call 801-656-7656 to speak to one of the Derek Leider Masonry masonry specialists.

There are many concrete service companies in the greater Boston area, but only Derek Leider Masonry can combine exquisite masonry and flawless concrete construction. Our concrete work in Wilmington is everywhere and we'll be happy to provide pictures as well as physical locations where you can get an up close look at the concrete work we do.

The team at Derek Leider Masonry is, first and foremost, qualified masons. With its low price and impressive longevity, much of our masonry work involves the use of concrete, whether it's a new driveway pour or a retaining wall construction to improve water drainage on your property. Whatever concrete service you need, you can rest assured that we're able to do it.

It doesn't matter if your concrete work is a small residential task like a new patio or a huge commercial installation - regardless of the size, we bring the same excellent customer service to every job we do. From the initial site assessment until your concrete is perfectly cured and finished, you'll understand what it means to be treated like a valued client.

No concrete service job is too small. Give Derek Leider Masonry a call at 801-656-7656 and let's talk about how we can help.

For property owners that are looking to avoid the heavy work of masonry repointing, an alternative exists in the form of parging. When Derek Leider Masonry is contracted for a parging job, we'll use a high quality cement that helps to get rid of any moisture problems, bug holes, or other typical issues.

Some the greater Boston area, parging companies may take the easy route of simply applying parge to your above grade foundation, but Derek Leider Masonry takes the process a step further by grinding when necessary to ensure a precise finish that affords the most protection possible. Before starting, we're happy to explain the exact process of parging and the benefits you can expect.

While most of our parging work is done on above grade foundations, Derek Leider Masonry is also able to complete chimney parging, block wall parging, and many more. In every parging job we do in the greater Boston area, you can count on our specialized team to deliver a solid cement coat designed to last many years and protect your property from excessive humidity.

Don't settle for a parging company that cuts corners - choose Derek Leider Masonry by calling 801-656-7656 and hire a detail-oriented firm that cares.

If you've noticed water in your basement or cracks in the visible foundation, then it's high time to call in the pros at Derek Leider Masonry. What this water or crack means is that your foundation is compromised and is in serious need of repair. Our waterproofing services will get your property back on track and avoid the many problems associated with a wet basement.

The first step towards fixing the water issue is for Derek Leider Masonry to perform a thorough inspection and identify the source of the leak. In some cases, a waterproofing repair can be made from your property's exterior, but many require a deeper solution. When this happens, we'll need to go inside the basement and apply a new water membrane.

A wet basement in the Greater Boston area is surely not your idea of fun, but the team at Derek Leider Masonry can help make remediation as painless as possible. Equipped with the right tools, the right knowledge, and the right attitude, we'll make waterproofing an affordable process that rights the ship before too much damage is done.

If you're not sure that a waterproofing job is needed for your basement, call Derek Leider Masonry at 801-656-7656 and one of our certified masons will visit your property to make a full evaluation.

For many Wilmington commercial landscapers, doing the bare minimum is enough. In contrast, Derek Leider Masonry believes that when we’re contracted for scheduled maintenance, your commercial property should look great all the time. We’ll go the extra mile to make that happen with a team of experienced landscapers that believe in quality service.

We’ve found that what works best for our commercial clients in Wilmington is to start with a detailed visit to determine the exact landscaping work needed and how frequently it should be performed. One of the Derek Leider Masonry specialists will come to your property and work with you to create a customized plan for mowing, trimming, leaf blowing, and other tasks.

One of the benefits of using Derek Leider Masonry for your commercial landscaping needs is our adaptability. We understand the disturbance that landscaping can create and that’s why all of our services are available during off-hours or times when that disturbance will be minimal. In addition, it’s easy to mix and match landscaping services as your needs change.

When you want a professional landscaper tailored to fit your business, choose Derek Leider Masonry by calling 801-656-7656.

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Conveniently located with service to the greater Boston area, Derek Leider Masonry is available for concrete jobs of all shapes and sizes.

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